We don’t have forever…

Recent events in my family have forced me to look at life more closely. Newborn lives are winding up bringing joyful sound, while old lives are winding down bringing a quiet reflection.   The result of these events is a challenge…. A life challenge.

The challenge is …. Don’t waste timewe don’t have forever!


Say what you want, but say it well,

Do what you have always wanted to do .. and do it now (with class).

Focus on what’s important in life
(it’s the only one you get).

Take the time to make it a good run…

It’s more fun that way….

In the end I picture myself…………………

….sliding feet first through the gates of heaven shouting…

“I used every bit of time you gave me, nothing left in the bucket” Thank you Sir!!!

Then in my dress blue uniform, I’ll stand tall and look good…

And if the Army or the Navy should ever look on Heavens scenes ..

They will see the gates are guarded by the United States Marines.. 

marines gates



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