Lance Armstrong is back.

Lance bikeLance Armstrong is back on his bike …and I couldn’t be happier.   I have been waiting for more than 3 years for him to get back on his trusty steed … (Mano to Bike).

Biking can be a metaphor for life when you think about it. Those of you that love to ride bikes should remember what it was like when we were just learning to ride. Failure after failure before you stop crashing into your neighbor’s car…and then success!  You believed you could do it until you did it.  Mistakes and failures are human, and help mold us into who we become.

Life is like riding a bike…sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy, sometimes embarrassing…(Example: On my coaches instruction. I was told I needed to pee on the bike during an Ironman event not to waste precious time off the bike…if you have ever tried it.. let me tell you it is not a simple thing to do…But five hours and three hydration bottles into the bike leg, I had to go and decided I’d try on the next downhill to open a gap between myself and the rider behind me….On my downhill decent I let go… the flow and the speed from the decent created a giant Rooster Tail off the back, like what you see when you ride through a puddle… the embarrassing part here was the rider behind me made the mistake of using the downhill to close the gap between us…Let’s just say I was relieved when he pass me….)

Like us all, Lance makes mistakes…we are human…It is what we do…some like me make more than my fair share… but it’s the comeback from our failures that is the true measure of a life well lived, not the failures. His ride got off course…but now he is back on course and riding for the love of it versus for a stage win.
Everyone loves a great comeback story and I believe his is unfolding….

Lance Armstrong Speaks At The LIVESTRONG Challenge Ride

If you haven’t caught his podcast series both are fantastic… The Forward Podcast is a forward2great listen into Lance’s conversations with some interesting guests but is not about the bike…and his Stages Podcast is a day by day commentary on this yeastagesr’s Tour de France. Lance is candid, knowledgeable, human …as he fumbles through … with his sidekick “JD” Joe Rogan…a bike riding regular guy and DJ.


What is important here is Lance is back and he is moving Forward in his life. I believe he deserves a chance…. Those of you that know how imperfect we can be at times know the guy is paying his dues…. As far as I’m concerned me and Lance are good to go.. Forward…

If you still can’t find a way to be happy for Lance… Think back over your own life…

Someone once said: There is no success without failure, and a person who makes no mistakes is unlikely to make anything at all.

I think failure like biking is not about the falling down part. It is the staying down when you fall or the not getting back on part that is the real failure.

Mistakes are painful when they happen, but in retrospect never really as bad as they seem.  If you believe you can learn from your mistakes…then listen and learn from Lance because he has learn some valuable lessons and is willing to share with us..
I for one can use all the help I can get.

Well its time for a ride… 1st hit the head  …. so as not to leave a rooster tail behind….


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