Going to the head of the line

Yesterday, my wife Abby asked me to go with her to the local farm store to pick up our Thanksgiving day turkey. I figured she needed help lugging the 20 pounder around the store while shopping for fresh veggies and pastry’s. The doors open at 9:00 AM and she wanted us to be there 1/2 an hour early due to the wicked line that forms during the turkey pick up day.

The farmer had heating stations for those of us waiting in line and a farm hand was posted at the door to managed our social distancing. She checked to insure that customer’s were wearing masks and counted to ensure the state’s maximum social distancing occupancy guidelines. Even though we were there a 1/2 hour before opening the line was long and getting longer. The phrase… misery loves company … played over and over in my mind. Then the woman asked for our attention and made an announcement.. “The store is open now from 8:30 to 9:00 for senior citizens. If you are a SENIOR CITIZEN please come to the front of the line”..

I thought to myself, that’s a nice thing to do for the seniors.. There’s no reason that older people should be standing in this line on such a cold day.
Just about then, I felt a jab …Abby whispered.. go ahead…get the turkey and I’ll meet you out here. I thought to myself, surely she didn’t mean me..I’m not a senior citizen…

I didn’t move, but watched as a half dozen seasoned citizen began moving up and into the store. The cold weather forced me to think about this question seriously for the 1st time…I had incentive now as the cold November air bit at my hands and feet. I thought to myself, what is a senior anyway???

DEFINITION: (1) A Senior is a person who is a specified number of years older than someone else. (Well that’s pretty generic, when you think about it that could be anybody) …

But then came the second part of the definition….(2) An elderly person, especially one who is retired and living on a pension. Bingo, that’s me alright… when did that happen?

Now, I don’t mean to disparage any seasoned citizen. … but to be honest I don’t considered myself a senior citizen.. I do have a mirror however so there are moments when my brain and my eyes sync up to reality. So even though I felt like a fraud.. I availed myself of the opportunity.. and I was grateful that I made it to be 66 years old. I truly never expected to live as long as I have.. I am Thankful for every day.. and especially during Thanksgiving..

Final Thought on being a Senior…. I was told once that wisdom comes with age.. I am still patiently waiting…

If that day ever comes…I hope I’m not too old to recognize it.

2 thoughts on “Going to the head of the line

  1. Nick Diodati

    So true Donnie. Where did all of the years go? Enjoy every day as its your last, because one day you will be right. Steve Jobs said that in 2007 at Stanfords Graduation. Have a great Holiday season, and against all of the liberals in Cambridge, I will say it. “MERRY CHRISTMAS”


    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Nicky.. I think this New Years will be one even the nuns will get a buzz on. I wish an awesome 2021 for us both… Thanks for the note.


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