Apple core..Baltimore, who’s your friend?

What's at Apple's core? Control. | INTHEBLACK

I finished an apple this morning and while holding the apple core in my hands, I channeled a childhood voice in my head and shouted. Apple Core… Baltimore…. Who’s your friend? and then I blurted out my daughters name…Izzy!

As I raised the apple core to throw it at my daughter she looked at me as if I were loosing my mind. I explained that while growing up, if I or any of my friends yelled “Apple core!” Somebody would respond with “Baltimore!” Next we’d ask: “Who’s your friend?” At which point, (while everyone was scrambling for cover) one of us would name somebody else in the group, for example, “Scott!” Then the person holding the apple core would throw it at Scott. Not sure how that ever got started, but it has been a ritual response after finishing an apple that has carried into my adult life..

The more I thought about it I realized that I carry a number of childhood tag rituals like: Circle, circle.Dot, dot. Now you got the cootie shot. Tag you are it! Or, if someone stepped in dog poop I say… Stepped in poop..You have the poop are it!

I read once that in France, there’s a rather popular notion that stepping in dog poop can bring you luck.
It all depends of course though on which foot accidentally steps on the dog poop. If it’s the left foot, then it’s good luck for you. It’s bad luck if you step on it with the right foot along with the fact that you’ve got poop on your right shoe.

Either way… You have to admit that the reason we love our best friends so much is the sharing of memories, inappropriate humor, teasing and awkward games together.. even If those things means we might get hit by an apple core or get the cootie/pop tag from your them. We know if we fall on the ice a good friend will always pick us up….. but a best friend will laugh hysterically while doing it. Apple core..Baltimore..who’s your best friend?

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