My Christmas List…

Every year, I get asked repeatedly for my Christmas list. My response has been the same every year… “I truly don’t want or need anything” or “I have everything I need already”. I’ve been wondering though how I’ve come to feel this way.. am I just too lazy to put the time and effort into it? Surely, I must want or need something.

I know I haven’t always felt this way… and I suspect most parents feel the same to some degree. I can remember wanting a never ending list of things… bikes, running shoes, cool cloths and games just like every other kid. Things change as we grow older though..specifically about the time we start our own families. We still want special things on Christmas but, not for ourselves. All the things we wanted growing up …we now want for our family.

We lose the desire in having personal material things and gain an even more precious gift… the gift of family. I find the gift of family to be the Swiss Army knife of gift’s as it truly is the best all purpose present. So when I say, “I have everything I need” this is what everything means:

Gifts I already have list…..

  • Moments – Family time spent together has lasted longer than any material gifts and are have now turned into memories.
  • Having Roots – Have anchored our family tree, supporting new branches and blossoming flowers.
  • Being Anchored – Keeps us safe and provides support through life’s stormy seas.
  • Familiar Voices – Melodies consisting of high, low and off key notes managed into a harmony.
  • Good Friends – Unbounded by blood lines we are blessed with friends who have woven into our family tapestry.
  • Delicious Fudge – Each piece of our family is filled with sweet parts and others have a healthy share of nuts….

I know I could go on indefinitely with the list of gifts I already have. But if you look past the list you will see just one gift that is common to all of them … That is the gift of family. So that is my list….

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