Simplifying Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking… When you wake up each morning which side of the daily menu do you choose? The good side or the bad side?

How about Today’s Special… It’s Our Karma Plate get a big serving of what you deserve!

My new favorite research focus is to study the concept of Positive Thinking. I suppose it has interest to me after such a prolonged period last year of struggling with current events. It left me feeling a sense of imprisonment. Everything I read lately points to the power of positive thinking as the antidote to the general malaise the nation is struggling with. So I ask what is Positive Thinking?

More specifically, what does it mean when people suggest that we think positive?

It’s been my experience that the “Think Positive” suggestion comes after something has gone bad or that conditions are not meeting expectations. When something is believed to be bad or adverse, it is then declared to be negative and likewise the positive thought is the wish and the image of the preferred condition.

Negative means that it negates, opposes, or interferes with some goal, objective, or state which is desired. Consequently, the opposite, the positive thought, is the wish and the image of the preferred condition.

But is this positive thought really what we expect to be the result just by us thinking about it?

Just positive thinking alone will not change bad conditions or feelings into good or unhappy conditions or feelings into happy ones. Thoughts do not make things change, it’s the actions associated with those thoughts and visions that make the changes or desired effects that we conjured up in our minds.

Providing that the “positive thinker” believes that the thought has merit the next action needs to reduce the scope of the outcome into the components of which it consists.

Examples….From positive thinking into positive outcomes.

Change – If change is a required element to becoming more positive.. remember “old ways do not open new doors”. I used to start my day by reading the newspaper and watching the news. Consequently, the amount of negative news stories would cast a shadow over my day and more importantly my interactions with others. ACTION: So I now start each day by reading or listening to something positive or thought provoking as a way to promote a more pleasing mindset.

Surround your self with Positive people.. People you surround yourself with can either inspire you making you happy or drain you making you sad. The best indicator for determining the difference is, happy people spend time evaluating ways to improve themselves, while unhappy people usually spend most of their time evaluating and judging others. ACTION: Spend more time with people that inspire you and you’ll be more positive and attract others who seek a more positive outlook.

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