The Coffee Angel

Photo Credit: Austin Wade

I love coffee… have ever since I first started drinking it before school in the morning with a honey dipped or chocolate frosted donut from Freddy’s Cafe on Magazine Street in Cambridge.

It’s more than the taste of good coffee that I love. I love the aroma, the warmth of the cup in my hands and the pleasure I take from the buzz it brings to start a morning blast off or to put an exclamation point on a perfect dinner with friends or loved ones…

Also, I think you’d agree that a cup of good coffee can play a serious second fiddle to an after dinner cordial…

It has to be good coffee to really make the experience memorable. Coffee drinkers experience a release of “anticipatory pleasure hormones,” which result in the joy we feel when the flavor, aroma, temperature, company and environment all align to make that 1st sip a taste of heaven.

Imprinted in my memory are several such experiences that come to me as pleasant reminders of times gone by but not forgotten. One such memory was in Dublin Ireland in a shop directly across the street from Trinity College. I’d traveled there with old friends to visit my daughter who was finishing up her studies as a doctoral student. In the land of tea drinkers a good cup of coffee was hard to find at the time in Ireland (early 2000). To start my day off right we searched high and low for a legit coffee shop. I must confess that within a four block area of Trinity College there was a Starbucks … I understand that technically they serve coffee… but I have never been able to see, taste of feel that it was good.. so unless I’m falling asleep at the wheel from a 10 hour road trip I would never want a cup. Not my cup of tea if you’ll excuse the pun.

I began to pray to Saint Drogo of Sebourg, who is the patron saint of coffee, coffeehouse keepers, coffeehouse owners, and unattractive people or those whom others find repulsive, among other things….(He’s a real patron google it if you think I’m kidding) please hear me I prayed …in my hour of need and help me find a coffee house, a good cup of coffee before I turn into one of your unattractive followers who starts drinking Guinness for breakfast only to become someone who people find repulsive. Not a stretch for me some days.

Just as those words spilled from my thirsty lips Saint Drogo answered my prayer. I could not believe my eyes… there before me a revelation…a miracle …. no …twas an angel appearing before me… but not any angel…This was the coffee angel.

Meal Ticket: Coffeeangel Trinity, Dublin 2

Somehow my prayers had been answered.. could it be that I’d been so good that I’d been rewarded for my goodness with an answered my plea for help ? (not likely) Or was it the very real threat of becoming one of the infamous unattractive tourist type people whom others find repulsive, among other things. (more the case). This fact we may never know for sure…but what we do know is, I was blessed with a miracle that day from St. Drogo and the coffee angels.

So I bet you are wondering how the coffee was after such a tremendous build up? …

It started when I walked in the door…

Great Big Smile…Good Morning Sir … What can I get for you today?…

I’d like a cup of dark roast coffee and if you could leave a little room for milk I’d appreciate that… Thanks

I detect an accent ….where are you from if I may ask?

I’m here from Boston and I’m so happy to find your coffee shop… everything smells so great and those chocolates look delicious!

Well, welcome to Dublin… I hope you enjoy your stay with us and come back and visit us again soon!

BTW .. your more than welcome to choose a chocolate to go with your coffee with our compliments!

Chocolate for breakfast?

Sure, sure… While you are in Dublin why not infuse a little sweetness into your morning

Done! Thank you so much…

You Very Welcome!

Now, I wouldn’t be telling this telling tale if I didn’t say that the coffee was like beyond this world, the milk chocolate was like paradise and the service was heavenly… but you’d expect nothing less from a CoffeeAngel now would you? Where was your most memorable cup of coffee from?

Authors Note:
Coffeeangel is owned by Karl Purdy who is an Irish Barista Champion and has won many coveted awards.
His values when it comes to owning a coffee shop are:
Be polite, courteous and efficient (saying please and thank you will never go out of fashion.) 
Enjoy what you do
-Be passionate and always aim higher
-Source beautiful, best of season beans & brew the best cup of coffee you can  

5 thoughts on “The Coffee Angel

  1. I have to cross the river into Downtown New Bedford to get a good cup of coffee. In Fairhaven, one can purchase vaguely similar beverages at a gas station, Honey Dew or Dunkin. However, to get a decent cup, cross the bridge into the city to The Green Bean on Union St.

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  2. Nick Diodati

    Hello Donny. I remember Freddies coffee every morning while waiting for the bus to take us to school. That and a grilled corn muffin. That was my morning fare for about 3 of the 4 years going to school. My first foray into the world of coffee was from my father. He came from Italy, so the coffee had to be strong. He would mix Maxwell House coffee with Medaglia Doro Espresso. That was strong coffee. I drank my coffee like that for years. Now as we get older, I have 3-4 cups of Joe a day. But now it is Decaf. I long for the good old days.

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    1. Nicky… Buttered with a paint brush and toasted on Freddy’s grill is how it must be done! Wow that coffee your Dad made sounds delicious… probably put some hair back on my head too. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thank you so much… I have a confession to make… of all those (the brave few) who have read my posts your comment… is proof that some things taste sweeter than coffee and milk chocolate squares at 8:15 AM in Dublin the land of storytellers.

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