The Wild Beast Within

“Every Man Has A Wild Beast Within Him” Frederick the Great

This week I have become a predator. I’m loosing sleep as my mind is in a constant search for signs of my prey morning, noon and night. We predators are wild animals that hunt, or prey on, other animals. We need food to live but that is not my goal for this hunt …the goal of this hunt is to capture an elusive beast…contain it before it contains me.

This old man could not sleep, for my thoughts were way to deep, my mind had gone out for a stroll, and fallen down a rabbit hole.” *

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Weapons Of War
I’ll not be using the ancient Scottish weapons of my ancestors, descendants of the plundering Vikings …. no Lochaber Axe, no Basket Sword not even a Highland Dirk or Targe… Nay, I’ll be armed with the most savage, heinous and diabolical of weaponry… the Havahart known for its high capture rate and low history of escape… once captured the prey will be mine. I will be the master of its fate.

The Bestial LairWarren & Fluffle
Deep within the subterranean bowels of my family estate, is a warren, and within that warren lies a fluffle. You may ask yourself …What manner of horrid beast lives within the confines of something as fearsome as something called a fluffle??? Well, truth be told a group of wild rabbits is called a fluffle and as a group they live in a warren. They roam the earth from dusk to dawn terrorizing gardens, shrubs and flower beds. Left to their devices no leaf, branch or stem is safe from their plunder. This was the focus of my mission. To trap the elusive Rabbit… and it was in the name of the great white rabbit hunter Elmer Fudd that I took the pledge and shouted out a clarion call to all that might hear me

“Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!, He-e-e-e-e!”

Man’s Triumph Over The Beast

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Every evening before dust I prepared my Havahart for battle. I loaded the barrel with carrots, celery stalks and lettuce leaves. Thou, many a night would come and go without success I persevered until sweet taste of victory was mine… Both Mr and Mrs bunny were my captives.

The Geneva Convention

As is the case with all captures the rules protecting prisoners of war (POWs) are specific and were first detailed in the 1929 Geneva Convention. … POWs must be treated humanely in all circumstances. They are protected against any act of violence, as well as against intimidation, insults, and public curiosity. In accordance with these rules of engagement I covered the cages to protect my prisoners and transported them to the woodland area locally which is best known as the Switzerland of the North Shore.

The War Is Over and Now The Beast Within Needs R&R

I will admit that the nightmares have subsided some since the war. I get flashbacks every now and then, but mostly, I think back at those that fought before me… and when the day is done and the memories of the horror dusk would bring in those days…. I think of the words Elmer Fudd spoke when his battle days was all over… West and wewaxation at wast!

Amen Brother

*This is an altered line from Alice in Wonderland but I’ll nick it to make my point.

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