Ever miss sitting together on the sofa watching your favorite shows?

If you miss the good old days when families sat together to laugh, cry, comment or to joke about their favorite TV shows you have to check out Gogglebox on Facebook watch.

Gogglebox is a series where regular people are filmed in their own homes while watching the highest-rated shows on British television. Each week, the recurring participants – families, friends and couples – are caught on camera with their reactions sharing their candid and often hilarious take on familiar entertainment shows and classic films. Each episode features the best and worst UK programming of the previous week. From their sofa’s these opinionated viewers review everything that comes their way.

Whoever thought up the idea of creating a television program comprised entirely of watching families watching television, is quite frankly a genius. I love it…

I know a show that films families as they watch television programs sounds crazy – but it’s their reactions that result is a total scream fest.  I must admit I’ve always been a people watcher who’s intrigued by human nature. Gogglebox satisfies my curiosity by offering an intriguing insight into human behavior, and it also happens to be very, very funny.

It is incredibly easy to relate to the personalities in Gogglebox. Who hasn’t become infuriated by a family member who talks over the top of a program? Or watched a show just for the fun of criticizing it? The show’s hilarity lies in its humanity: we see the participants wince at One Born, cry at Comic Relief and get famished by The British Baking Show Paul Hollywood’s Bread. The universality of these reactions is comforting.

Gogglebox family

Gogglebox shows that television is powerful. It can captivate our attention and have us on the edge of our seats. It can make us laugh and cry within the space of half an hour. Check out Gogglebox and have a laugh in an oddly old fashion way.

I view it by linking to the group page below…



@Goggleboxfanpage  · Fan Page

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