Sharing A Bathroom With My Daughter

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Relaxing Zen Oasis
My Future Fantasy Zen Oasis Bathroom –

This is a picture of my fantasy bathroom. My real bathroom is pictured below….

In less than a week my youngest daughter will be dancing herself away to college leaving me to enjoy a bathroom all to myself. I must admit, it has been challenging maintaining the demarcation line between our double sink vanity. I’ve tried various enforcement measures to keep her and her mess to one side such as filling her sink with all the products she leaves on my side…or writing on the mirror “Izzy’s side / NOT Izzy’s side” to no avail. But on Wednesday she leaves and the domain becomes mine. Zen space awaits my creative efforts.

You’ve hear that the Devil wears Prada… well in our house “the girl wears PRODUCT…..Lots of PRODUCT”

This image is an example of our best case scenario from a neatness perspective. The sink on the left is (My Side) vs the sink on the right side (Her Side). Between the sink and the shower our shared spaces are filled with enough “product” to stock a cosmetic warehouse. I understand the need for the basics i.e soap, water, deodorant and toothpaste but beyond those standards, I get lost. Any help understanding more in this area is welcome… My side has a paper cup. Her side looks like an autobody shop for humans.

French les qualités nécessaires – Reading the label on what looks to be a fancy shmancy make-up remover, I’m surprised to know that my daughter has learned to read French. I find this amazing because after 3 years of High School Spanish, her total spanish repertoire consists of .. Hola, mi llama Izzy…

I have to ask myself if soap and water were labeled “eau et savon” (translation: soap and water) would it have made it to her parisian toiletries collection? I think the answer is yes.

I am puzzled why she just can’t use something ordinary… when I asked why she can’t use something ordinary she said I do. Look the bottle says… The Ordinary… Well I said, then that makes sense.

Squatty Potty

The squatty potty….has turned our bathroom into an internet cafe. Together with a bluetooth speaker I’d say the atmosphere in there has turned into a girl’s gone wild party potty. I’m prompted to post a sign that says:

“This is not an internet Cafe’ ….shit and split.

When did pooping become so involved? To be honest I’ll miss our morning discussions about life’s necessities. I’ve learned to navigate her endless array of her beauty products and grooming items without killing myself….like body oil on the shower floor making it as slippery as Boston Garden ice after endless Zamboni passes.

She will be gone come Wednesday and my Zen Oasis will be the new normal… no loud music, slippery floors, piles of discarded dirty cloths, endless product and grooming equipment. Peace and quiet await…

Damit… I miss her already…..

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