The Widowmaker Came Knocking This Week….

The Widowmaker came knocking at our the barracks door this week, and she went away empty handed. She’s never welcome here nor anywhere for that matter, because she brings an all but 12% certainty of death to anyone that she visits outside a hospital. For those of you that are not aware….. a widow-maker is a massive heart attack that occurs when the left anterior descending artery (LAD) in the heart is totally or almost completely blocked.

Her visits come to most as a surprise. What is even more surprising is when she leaves unaccompanied as was the case with my brother Marine, Steve. I’ve known and loved this guy for more than 48 years and the thought of losing him is too painful to even imagine. Luckily he was fit, willing and able to battle the widowmaker like a bulldog. For that I’m grateful, as he sent her packing leaving him to fight another day. Those who have had the pleasure to meeting Steve know we all are blessed to have him still on the active duty roster.

Although life feels hard at times, it can also be as fragile as an eggshell. This past year has been tough on our team with two losses to cancer. The ranks are thinning as the years pass which tends to sharpen our senses to the value of life and even more the value of friendship.

Old Friends Are The Family You Choose

We make friends in life and life gives us family. Then there are friends that become family. They know us…we tell them things that we tell no one else and what we don’t put to words they know already. Since they know so many of our true secrets we have to keep them close by to remind us who we truly are. They tolerate us when we are intolerable and steer us back on track when we stay too far.

During dark moments or times of need they show us that loyalty still does exist. They make us wonder how we ever got so fortunate to have them on our journey. When times are good we revel in their joy and success. Their good fortune is ours too because we share a common bond. It takes a long time to grow an old friend and although life wears away at the fabric at times true friendship manages to hold tight.

As your crowd of friends begins to thin…. and the value for those that remain increases.. remember to spend more moments with them as they become the memories we will treasure when they are gone.

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