Happy moments…

I think most people want to be happy. So much so, I believe we spend our days chasing happiness. Some are able to find happy moments everyday, while others find them quite elusive. Happiness is a simple recognition function really. But, for some reason when happy moments show up, the ones where we actually find ourselves happy, such as doing something fun or spending time with people we care about … we don’t take a few minutes to enjoy them.

I think it’s because our minds are too busy focusing on the next thought or are dwelling on other parts of our lives.

Noticing the good times takes a bit of work but once we get the hang of it we can begin to savor happiness.

Recently, I took a road trip with a few old friends. The drive was long so we had to alternate to give ourselves a break from the tedium of driving. While on my rotation in the backseat, I had the opportunity to listen to the conversations up front and I found myself feeling happy. I took the time to think about why quietly sitting in the backseat (something I never do) of my own car had such a comfortable feeling about it. I realized the happiness I felt was from being in the company of friends that I love. Also, to hear to them talking gave me the chance to listen with intent and enjoy their humor. I felt engaged with them even though I was not an active part of their conversation (again, something I never do). I was able to savor the moment… and felt blessed to be on a journey with them which lead to my happy feeling.

You may ask yourself …so big whoop….well… so I’d ask you this. If I could show you a way to feel happier, you’d want to know about it wouldn’t you? If your answer is yes…then read on…

  • When you notice you are feeling happy, no matter what it is that you are doing, stop for a moment and bring your attention to what’s actually happening. Just stop and take everything in about the moment. Call it out..verbally if you can if not to yourself then.
  • Notice your thoughts and any sensations you are feeling.
  • Take all of that inside you so that when you remember the moment again you can experience the benefits all over again.

I read a proverb once that said: “There is no happiness; There are only moments of happiness

If we believe that to be true then, happiness is best achieved in the collections of happy moments.
The golden nugget here is… if the realization of thoughts and feeling you experienced during happy moments is inside you… then so is happiness.

2 thoughts on “Happy moments…

  1. Andrea Linn

    An other good writing my friend!
    I believe that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

    Viewing happiness as an end result sets us up for an endless cycle of disappointment and dissatisfaction. Happiness isn’t an end goal—it’s a state of being. It isn’t a tangible asset that we can touch and taste and hold, it’s a mindset. It doesn’t require anything special, and it makes no difference at all whether we do or don’t have “_____.” Things, people, and relationships don’t provide it to us; it’s a gift we give ourselves.


    1. As you said …in these times when we find ourselves in a world of trouble, negativity and sadness… finding peace and happiness in the midst of it all requires us to be calm in our hearts… my wish for you is this..


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