I think my wife has a hearing problem…

Ever get the feeling that your wife doesn’t listen to you ?

If so, try this test to find out what her hearing problem is……

When your wife is busy in the kitchen and has her back to you …. stand about about 15 feet behind her. Then in a normal speaking voice ask, Hey what’s for dinner?

If you don’t get a response ….step about 10 feet away and ask her again using the same tone,
Hey Honey, what’s for dinner?

If you still don’t hear an answer …..get right up behind her and ask again…Hey… what’s for dinner?

If she whirls around and says….“for the third time, I said Spaghetti !!!!” The hearing problem should become apparent.

The thing to understand is ….

“When someone in the family has hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.”

At least that’s what I hear the problem is.

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