Passing Grief Towards Gratitude

Over the passed week I’ve been grieving the loss of a bother Marine and longtime mentor Jamie Page. In 2019 in Boston when he came to say his goodbyes in person to me and a group of his buddy Marines from USMC Quantico VA. As old Marines do we drank, ate, laughed, told stories from our misspent youth together and embraced each other one last time with a promise to meet again on the other side. It has been said that the gates of Heaven are guarded by the US Marines. But, If there was ever a doubt in my mind Jamies passing proved beyond any reasonable doubt to me that it is fact. I went to bed grieving his passing. But woke that next morning to witness a blazing Marine Corps red skyline …..knowing full well this lifetime lawman was riding Code 3 all the way through those pearly gates. That was his style…out in a blaze… I will miss him.

Now that the initial shock and grief have dissipated some, I’m left with a sense of gratitude. I’m grateful to have known and loved Jamo as a friend and brother. I’m grateful to have had the kind of friendship that hurts deeply when he passed but grateful knowing he will be with me in spirit here and when we meet again.


Jamie Riley Page

FEBRUARY 2, 1953 – JULY 5, 2021

Jamie Riley Page was a force of nature. During his lifetime he wore many hats: son, brother, husband, father, uncle, friend, storyteller, and law enforcement officer, a career that influenced every other aspect of his life. He loved his family, his friends, he loved to laugh, the Chicago Cubs, old western movies and he reveled in life itself, never wanting to miss a moment of interacting with all the people he met along his journey. Jamie learned his drive for hard work from his father and from working on the Zeldenrust Farm in Illinois. He put himself through college and proudly served in the United States Marine Corps which provided the foundation for a distinguished 42-year career in law enforcement. He began at the Travis County Sheriff’s Office in 1978 and tackled every assignment there with the goal of doing his best to make it better. His assignments were diverse, and included patrol, SWAT, lieutenant over the Criminal Investigation Division, Courthouse Security , the Marine Unit, director over the Training Academy and so many other jobs that were passed to him to enhance the operation of the Sheriff’s Office. Jamie finished his law enforcement career as Chief Deputy for the Hays County Sheriff’s Office alongside his longtime friend, Sheriff Gary Cutler. As many who knew him or even those that met him in passing learned, Jamie was a legendary storyteller. He told stories that would entertain a crowd, or make one person feel like they were the most important person in the world. He loved meeting people and once he met and talked to you, he would remember the smallest details of your life. He believed in sending handwritten notes to people he knew on special occasions and in times of sorrow—his penmanship was exquisite. He loved investing himself in teaching, developing and mentoring those around him and helping them be the best they could be. Jamie’s last 8 and a half years were spent battling his toughest opponent in his life—Multiple Myeloma. He took on this incurable cancer like he did other challenges in life, with the intention of giving it the best that he had. With his wife, Kelly, by his side he gave it his best shot, and cancer did not defeat him, his body was just worn out from the effort, and on July 5, 2021 he left this earth for peace and rest with God. Jamie is survived by Kelly, his wife of 38 years; sons Shane and Trent; loving sisters, brother, and too many other people to count who he touched in life. Memorial contributions may be made to

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