New Englanders like big cans…

I was shopping in “The Basket” (DeMoulas Super Markets) last week for our families groceries. As I reached for a few cans of B&M Baked beans I noticed an old favorite that I’d not seen for years. B&M Brown Bread in that Big Giant Can and I couldn’t help but grab one. It still comes plain or with raisins… I talked about it all way round the store to my wife and today she got a chance to try it out for the very 1st time.

B&M Brown Bread In The Can

I Love all types of bread…. especially brown bread paired with split pea and ham soup or beans and franks.

I guess it’s a Yankee, New England thing, because B&M Brown Bread was one of the most popular varieties of brown bread even though came in a can. Canned bread might sound strange to some but when there are hungry kids and no time to bake… a can of B&M brown bread, baked beans and franks is a belly filler. To get it out of the can you have to use a can opener on both sides and push from one side till it falls out the other. I like mine toasted with butter…some liked it with cream cheese…either way it is a local delicacy …. Boston Baked Beans with breakfast is another favorite item for me… along side some butter fried brown bread, sausage and eggs… In my day brown bread, beans and a pack of dogs was a meal that could feed a many for only a few bucks.

Be it beans or bread… New Englanders are industrious…. we believe life is more about cans… than we are about can not’s… That’s why we like our can’s big.

Franks and Beans

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